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• 11/14/2013

Idea for New CW Series :)

So you know what the CW should do next? A show titled "Reign of the Original Tomorrow People": set in 1500s France, a group of vampires competes with a group of telepaths for control of the human kingdom.

I think it'd be a hit with the CW's target demographic! :)

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• 2/12/2015

nope though that sounds interesting, they would never do that. They should do a show about the wealthy teens of florida , the beach life, music, money, sex. A newcomer at there private  school ( there all juniors ) competes with the riches and popular girl at their school and wins the singing completition. She just want to be friends, but the popular girl just smirks. She then has rumors started about her from the tattle teller or some other cool name, who has a instagram account with lots of followers and post pics of something worth gossiping about.

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