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The 1990s series of The Tomorrow People was created by Roger Price for Tetra Films and began airing on ITV on 18 November 1992. It ran for three seasons, with the final original episode being aired on 8 March 1995. In the US, it aired on Nickelodeon.


After some pressure from executives, Price decided to start with a blank slate and so the show was almost completely different from its predecessor.[1] The original cast, characters, and music were not used. The new series incorporated a multi-national cast to ensure that worldwide syndication sales would be easier to obtain.

Comparison with Original Series[]

Jaunting belts were omitted, as the new Tomorrow People were able to teleport without them. The non-lethal stun guns and other gadgetry were also done away with. They relied more on their wits and powers to get out of trouble.

Some analogies remained, however. The Lab was replaced by a psychic spaceship in the South Pacific to which Tomorrow People were drawn when they broke out. TIM was replaced by an ostensibly mute computer that was part of the alien ship. The visual effects were improved considerably by effects artist Clive Davis.


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Series 1[]

Episode # Title Writer Director Air Date
1 The Tomorrow People Roger Price Ron Oliver 18 November 1992 - 16 December 1992

Series 2[]

Episode # Title Writer(s) Director Air Date
2 The Culex Experiment Lee Pressman & Grant Cathro Alan Horrox & Vivianne Albertine 4 January - 1 February 1994
3 Monsoon Man Lee Pressman & Grant Cathro Niall Leonard 8 February 1994 - 8 March 1994

Series 3[]

Episode # Title Writer Director Air Date
4 The Rameses Connection Grant Cathro Roger Gartland 4 January 1995 - 1 February 1995
5 The Living Stones Lee Pressman Crispin Reece 8 February 1995 - 8 March 1995


DVD Release
In 2006, Revelation Films released the complete series under the title The Tomorrow People - The New Generation.[2]

In 1995, four episode novelizations were released.[3]

Publisher Title
Boxtree Books Ltd. The Culex Experiment
Boxtree Books Ltd. Monsoon Man
Sapling Books Ltd. The Rameses Connection
Sapling Books Ltd. The Living Stones

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