A Broken Song
Episode Information
Series Audio Series
Season # 5
Episode # 1
Duration 73' 17"
Released June 2006
Writer(s) Nigel Fairs
Director Nigel Fairs
Music Nigel Fairs
Previous "The Plague of Dreams"
Next "Aftermath"

A Broken Song is the first episode of season five of The Tomorrow People Audio Series.

Synopsis Edit

In the Sahara Desert, a young man with no memory appears out of nowhere on the same night that an ancient tribe has gathered to witness "The Coming of the Light". Meanwhile, on the other side of the Universe, time is running out for Mike Bell, who is being held hostage by desperate "terrorists".[1]

Cast Edit

  • Nicholas Young (John)
  • Mike Holloway (Mike Bell)
  • Helen Goldwyn (Elena)
  • James Daniel Wilson (Paul)
  • Stuart Piper (Robert)
  • Trevor Littledale (TIM / Balkhu)
  • Nicholas Briggs (Dracquell)
  • Elizabeth Counsell (Lillith)
  • Jonathan Reuben (Blare)
  • Julia Ford (Vee)

References Edit

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