A Much Needed Holiday
The Kleptons guarding the slave workers
Episode Information
Series Original Series
Season # 5
Episode # 2
Number of Parts 2
Original Airdate(s) 14 March 1977 - 21 March 1977
Writer(s) Roger Price
Director Richard Mervyn
Previous "The Dirtiest Business"
Next "The Heart of Sogguth"

"A Much Needed Holiday" is the second episode of season five of The Tomorrow People Original Series.

When the Tomorrow People go on vacation to an alien planet, they discover that the natives have been enslaved.

Plot Summary Edit

Part One: Spilled Porridge (14 March 1977)

Mike is still upset about the death of Pavla, so John suggests they all go on holiday. The three Tomorrow People go to the planet Gallia, where Timus Irnok Mosta has sent them to do an archaeological survey to determine why civilization there collapsed 2000 years ago.

In a mine, aliens force slaves (young native boys) to extract raw diamonds. Two slaves escape, and a pair of guards are dispatched to retrieve them.

In their force-field protected dwelling, the Tomorrow People see the escaped slaves and bring them inside. They make attempts to communicate, and learn that the boys are named Trig and Trog.

Later, John, and Mike go out to local villages to find out more information, taking Trog with them. Everywhere they go, villagers hide. Furthermore, there are no boys in the villages.

Mike and Trog go into one village while John stays behind to observe. The guards arrive; John tells Mike to jaunt, but Mike decides to stay and talk. The guards shock Mike and Trog, then drag them away.

Part Two: Just Desserts (21 March 1977)

Mike refuses to jaunt, since Trog's matter-transporter belt was taken away. John follows them to the mine, then explores the nearby area. Discovering a spaceship, he returns to the dwelling and tells Elizabeth that the aliens are Kleptons, a brutal race that enjoys exploiting backwards cultures.

In the mine, Mike and Trog are thrown into punishment cages. Mike jaunts out of his cage and takes the blaster pistol of Gremlon, the Klepton leader. Mike gets back the matter-transporter belt, then he and Trog escape.

Back at the dwelling, Timus appears. He says that the Kleptons use the boys not only as slaves, but as hostages. Timus wants the Tomorrow People to free the slaves, and "send the Kleptons packing."

John and the others strike the mine at night, using stun guns on the guards. Elizabeth sets about freeing the slaves. Gremlon comes out of the spaceship and inspects the mine, only to find the stunned guards. He mounts a counterattack, and catches John, Elizabeth and the slaves unaware. Just as he is about to blast them, Mike comes from behind and trips the Klepton leader into a pool, where the slaves fall upon him.

Later, Gremlon is surprised at John's decision to let him and the other Kleptons go. John says that their ship (stripped of engines and communication equipment) will be matter-transported to the planet Styxus, where there is little more than rocks, rain, moss and lichen. Gremlon vows to return.

Guest Cast Edit

  • Gremlon - Anthony Garner
  • Trig - Guy Humphries
  • Trog - David Corti
  • Timus Irnok Mosta - Philip Gilbert