Aldus Crick
Species Homo sapiens
Series U.S. TV Series
First Appearance "Thanatos"
Last Appearance "Death's Door"
Portrayed by Nicholas Young

Aldus Crick is a character in The Tomorrow People U.S. TV Series. He is played by Nicholas Young, who portrayed John in the Original Series.

Crick was a scientist, and founded Ultra along with brothers Jedikiah Price and Roger Price.

Personal Life Edit

Crick was born on 7 June 1952 in Canterbury, England. He lives alone in a cabin, somewhere in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Professional Life Edit

According to TIM, Crick earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Princeton University in 1974, and a PhD in Physics in 1978. He was named Department Chair in 1983, but his tenure was revoked in 1994.

Crick taught behavioral science at Princeton University, where he met Jedikiah (who taught molecular biology). One day, Jedikiah approached him in the cafeteria and offered to introduce him to someone who would "blow his mind". That person turned out to be Roger, and soon the three began working together to explore the Tomorrow People phenomenon. But, according to Jedikiah, Crick's work became unconventional.

Under Crick's guidance, Jedikiah and Roger conducted research and dangerous experiments, so much so that they nicknamed Crick "Dr. Death", or "Thanatos" (the mythological personification of Death).

One avenue of reasearch was into Roger's ability to stop time. Crick hypothesized that by stopping time while teleporting, in the interval between disappearing and re-appearing, he would arrive "in a time out of time" that they termed limbo.

Appearances Edit

108. "Thanatos"
Explains the origin of Ultra to John, Stephen and Irene. Jedikiah says that Crick has many enemies at Ultra.
109. "Death's Door"
Appears in a video documenting the Thanatos Project. Later, a kill squad led by The Founder assassinates him in his cabin.

Publicity Edit

On 23 September 2013, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Young would play Crick in the eighth and ninth episodes of the first season of the CW series. According to the press release: "Stephen Jameson (Robbie Amell) believes that his father's old friend, Aldus, may have information concerning his father's mysterious disappearance. But in helping Stephen search for his dad, Aldus puts himself back on Ultra's radar and in danger with the organization, forcing Aldus into hiding."[1]

References Edit

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