Andrew Forbes
Species Homo superior
Series Original Series
First Appearance "Castle of Fear"
Last Appearance "War of the Empires"
Portrayed by Nigel Rhodes

Andrew Forbes is a character in The Tomorrow People Original Series. He is introduced in the first episode of the seventh season, "Castle of Fear".

Characterization Edit

Andrew is the 14-year-old son of Bruce Forbes, owner of the Castle Hotel near Loch Ness, Scotland. His telepathic abilities manifested gradually, and he remained unknown to the other Tomorrow People until the use of his powers attracted their attention.

Powers and Abilities Edit

In addition to the standard abilities of the Tomorrow People, Andrew is capable of creating illusions (which TIM calls "visual telepathic signals"). These illusions appear completely real to the viewer, but do not show up on film.

In "Castle of Fear", it was shown that John was able to generate illusions as well. He and Andrew created groups of soliders that fought one another, but it was not clear whether these entities were autonomous, or were fully controlled by their respective creators.