Breaking out is the term used to describe the process by which a member of Homo superior begins to assert their special powers. "Breakout" is also used to refer to such a person undergoing the process.

Breaking out generally occurs during adolescence, but can be delayed in some individuals. The process is often characterized by hearing voices in one's head, as the person's psychic abilities are uncontrolled. Occasionally, the person breaking out may jaunt unexpectedly. Breaking out is considered to be a very dangerous process, and typically requires the assistance of a more mature member of Homo superior to complete the process successfully.

Initial signs of breaking out include distraction, hearing voices, and tiredness due to lack of sleep and nightmares for at least a week before the event itself. Guidance from another Tomorrow Person can help during the breakout process.

U.S. TV Series Edit

Stephen Jameson's breakout occurred while in high school. He began teleporting in his sleep (sometimes waking up in his neighbors' bed) and hearing the voice of Cara Coburn.

Later, after being taken to the headquarters of Ultra, Stephen was told by Dr. Jedikiah Price that other youths are breaking out all over the world.[1]

References Edit

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