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As stated on the main page, this wiki is meant to contain canonical information about The Tomorrow People, covering the TV shows, audio series, and officially licensed material. Entries of a fan fiction nature (such as biographies of characters that only appear in fanfic) are not appropriate. Such entries will be removed without warning.

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To achieve a consistent look for the articles on The Jaunting Pad, the following conventions apply:

TV Series and Episode Names
  • Italicize TV series names: The Tomorrow People, Doctor Who
  • Episode names go in quotes: "The Slaves of Jedikiah"
  • If boldfacing a title, put the quotes outside the bold: "The Slaves of Jedikiah"
  • Write dates as DD MM YYYY: 02 January 2014 (note: 02 not 2nd)

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There are several types of inboxes available. You may copy the one you wish to use from a page that already uses it. Note that the infoboxes on used on live pages already have colors specified; please use them as is.

For the Original Series
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