Homo superior is a term used to describe the next step in human evolution, beyond Homo sapiens. The Tomorrow People are members of Homo superior, and possess psychic abilities (see below). They are unable to deliberately kill due to the Prime Barrier.

Origin of term Edit

The phrase appears in David Bowie's song "Oh! You Pretty Things", released before The Tomorrow People Original Series aired. Bowie used it after a discussion with Roger Price about the new series Price was working on.[1] It had previously been used in a number of science-fiction books and comics. Most notably, it would also notably be used later in Marvel's X-Men Comics by Magneto to refer to mutants..

Powers Edit

Abilities common to all Homo superior are telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation/jaunting. In the Original Series, Andrew Forbes and John displayed the additional ability to generate holographic-type illusions.[2] In the U.S. TV Series, Stephen Jameson had the power of chronokinesis.[3] (See also depowering serum.)

In "Limbo" (US), it is established that running water acts as a psychic barrier.

In the U.S. TV Series Edit

A least 15 Homo superior (including John Young, Cara Coburn, and Russell Kwon) live in a sanctuary below New York City's subway system. Many more Tomorrow People have already broken out all over the world.

Dr. Jedikiah Price tells Stephen Jameson that the public would react badly to the revelation that another, more powerful species exists, and he is acting to protect the human race. He gives examples of youths that have stolen money, revealed nuclear launch codes, and attempted to "tag" the Oval Office.[4]

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