Jedikiah shows his true form
Species Robot
Series Original Series, Audio Series
First Appearance The Slaves of Jedikiah
Last Appearance The Revenge of Jedikiah
Portrayed by Francis de Wolff, Roger Bizley

This article is about the character from the Original Series. For the character in the U.S. TV Series , see Jedikiah Price.

Jedikiah is a shape-changing robot who first appeared in the Original Series story "The Slaves of Jedikiah," then in "The Medusa Strain" and "The Revenge of Jedikiah." The character was played by Francis de Wolff and Roger Bizley.

Original Series AppearancesEdit


Jedikiah is initially seen in "The Slaves of Jedikiah", doing the bidding of an alien Cyclops who instructs the robot to capture the Tomorrow People in an effort to use their psi powers to enable the Cyclops's damaged ship to return home. At the end of the episode, Jedikiah is damaged and jettisoned into space.

500 years later, he is recovered by the criminal Count Rabowski. The damage he suffered in the previous story, coupled with this long isolation, has driven the robot insane, giving him a pathological hatred of the Tomorrow People. This culminates in his attempt to assassinate them in "The Revenge of Jedikiah." At the end of the episode, Timus restructures Jedekiah completely, changing him permanently from a robot to a human being, whose form was the same as seen in "The Slaves of Jedikiah" and condemning him to live forever as a homeless derelict.

Audio Series Edit

Besides his appearance in the original television series, Jedikiah is also featured in the Big Finish Productions Audio Series, first appearing in "The Lords of Forever," and finally revealed in "Rachel" as the mastermind behind many of the events of the final stories before the audio series ceased production on a cliffhanger ending.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a shape-changer, Jedikiah is able to assume the forms of others, mimicking their appearance and voice completely. It is not known if Jedikiah is limited to only assuming forms of comparable size and mass to his original robotic form, but all the forms Jedikiah is seen to assume in the television series are roughly humanoid. Jedikiah is also capable of constructing technology to nullify the Tomorrow People's psychic powers, making him an even more formidable threat.