Species Homo superior
Series Original Series
First Appearance "The Slaves of Jedikiah"
Last Appearance "War of the Empires"
Portrayed by Nicholas Young

This article is about the character from the Original Series. You may be looking for John Young, one of the characters from the U.S. TV Series.

John is a character in The Tomorrow People Original Series. He was the first Tomorrow Person to break out, and as such he took it upon himself to become the team leader.

Characterization Edit

Personality Edit

John is the "father figure" of the group, and thus the main decision-maker. He is depicted as having a serious personality, and doesn't stand for pranks or foolishness in times of crisis. But he does have a sense of humor and shows it every so often. In "Hitler's Last Secret", Mike characterized John as "the worst dictator in the world."

Personal Life Edit

Not much is known about John's background. In "Slaves of Jedekiah", he states that his father is a policeman and that when he broke out, his parents took him to a hospital. He seems to have a source of wealth, as evidenced by his owning a glider (as seen in "The Lost Gods").

Powers Edit

John possesses the powers of jaunting, telekinesis, and telepathy, which are common to all Tomorrow People. In the episode "The Thargon Menace", he was also shown to have the power to heal, demonstrated when he cured Hsui Tai's flash-blindness and gunshot wound. In addition, he has the ability to generate realistic illusions of people, as shown in "Castle of Fear" when his illusionary Redcoats battled Andrew's Highlanders.

Skills Edit

John is a scientist and inventor. With the help of the Galactic Council, he built the Lab and TIM, the artificial-intelligence bio-computer. He created the jaunting belts, and later the jaunting bands. In "Hitler's Last Secret", he was shown to be conducting life-extension experiments on rats. In "The Living Skins", he was able to discern the composition of the bubble-skin fabric, and forumulate a defense against the Ballboids.