This is a listing of the U.S. TV Series episodes.

Season 1 Edit

Regular cast: Robbie Amell (Stephen Jameson), Luke Mitchell (John Young), Peyton List (Cara Coburn), Aaron Yoo (Russell Kwon), Mark Pellegrino (Jedikiah Price), Madeleine Mantock (Astrid Finch), Dan Stevens (TIM)

# Image Title Airdate
101 Tp-101 "Pilot" 09 October 2013
Stephen meets the Tomorrow People.
102 Tp-102 "In Too Deep" 16 October 2013
Stephen tries to keep a new breakout away from Ultra.
103 Tp-103 "Girl, Interrupted" 23 October 2013
Stephen reads the mind of a suicidal classmate; Cara's traumatic past is revealed.
104 Tp-104 "Kill or Be Killed" 30 October 2013
Killian McCrane returns.
105 Tp-105 "All Tomorrow's Parties" 06 November 2013
Ultra attacks the Tomorrow People at a nightclub.
106 Tp-106 "Sorry For Your Loss" 13 November 2013
Russell returns home for his father's funeral. Darcy dies to protect her sister Piper.
107 Tp-107 "Limbo" 20 November 2013
A criminal Tomorrow Person targets young women.
108 Tp-108 "Thanatos" 4 December 2013
When Russell accidentally teleports Jedikiah to the sanctuary, The Founder steps in to lead the recovery effort.
109 Tp-109 "Death's Door" 11 December 2013
Stephen can't help John get out of a dangerous situation without revealing himself to Ultra; Russell and Cara negotiate with Jedikiah.
110 120px "The Citadel" 15 January 2014
Stephen has a clue to what happened to his father, but his fellow Tomorrow People are skeptical; John has some disappointing news; plans are made to rescue captives from Ultra's secret lab.
111 120px "Rumble" 22 January 2014
112 120px "Sitting Ducks" 29 January 2014
113 120px "Things Fall Apart" 5 February 2014
114 120px "Brother's Keeper" 26 February 2014


115 120px "Enemy of My Enemy" 5 March 2014


116 120px "Superhero" 17 March 2014
117 120px "Endgame" 24 March 2014