This is a list of supporting characters who have appeared in only one episode of The Tomorrow People U.S. TV Series.

Season 1 Edit

101. "Pilot" Edit

  • Damian (Andrew Stewart-Jones) - Henchman of Jedikiah Price.
  • Dylan (Derek Klena) - Student who bullies Stephen.

102. "In Too Deep" Edit

  • Mrs. Rundle (Ingrid Torrance) - Mother of Kurt Rundle.
  • Vaughn (Carter MacIntyre) - Senior Ultra agent who supervises Stephen's training. Terminated (literally) after failing to capture Kurt Rundle.

103. "Girl, Interrupted"Edit

  • Dennis Coburn (Al Sapienza) - Father of Cara Coburn.
  • Emily Hightower (Cali Fredrichs) - Classmate of Stephen. Blaming herself for the accident that killed her little sister, Emily planned to kill herself. Stephen read her thoughts and convinced Cara to help prevent the suicide.
  • Tyler Miller (Burkely Duffield) - Boy who attempts to rape Cara. He dies when she breaks out and uses her newfound powers to defend herself.

104. "Kill or Be Killed"Edit

105. "All Tomorrow's Parties" Edit

  • Corbin (Hiro Kanagawa) - employee of Jedikiah's unseen partner.
  • Mark Menedez (Mathias Retamal) - a criminal Tomorrow Person who teleported inmates out of prison. Darcy Nichols injected him with the depowering serum.

106. "Sorry For Your Loss" Edit

  • Chan Woo Kwon (James Yi) - Father of Russell.

106. "Limbo" Edit

  • Juergens (Jarod Joseph) - classmate of Stephen, member of the basketball team.
  • Perkins (Anthony Konechny) - Ultra agent who blamed Stephen for Darcy's death.
  • Michael (Ben Cotton) - Serial rapist Tomorrow Person who worked for the New York Department of Environmental Protection. Took his victims to the sewers, where the running water shielded him from telepathic detection. Confronted by Stephen, subdued by Cara and Russell, then taken to Ultra for disposition.
  • Jenny Reardon (Chloe Babcook) - Girl at Stephen's house party. Made out with Stephen, causing Astrid to become jealous.