This is a listing of supporting and minor characters from the Original Series of The Tomorrow People.

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Evergreen BoswellEdit

  • Gypsy girl, sister of Tyso.


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  • A young Thargon criminal who escaped to Earth with his partner Sula.

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General Papa Minn Edit

  • Dictator of an island chain in the Pacific Ocean.

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  • The leader of the Kleptons based on the planet Gallia.

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  • A biker thug, friend of Ginge.

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Lord Dunning Edit

  • A betting-shop owner who wanted to use Mike to rob banks for him.

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Pavla Vlasova Edit

  • A young KGB telepath.

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  • A young Thargon criminal who escaped to Earth with her partner Flyn.

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Thargon Captain Edit

A Thargon police officer tasked with capturing the escaped criminals Flyn and Sula.

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