Luca Jameson
Tpnew luca
Species Human
Series U.S. TV Series
First Appearance "Pilot"
Portrayed by Jacob Kogan

Luca Jameson is a character in The Tomorrow People U.S. TV Series. He is played by Jacob Kogan.

Personal Life Edit

Luca lives in New York City with his mother Marla and older brother Stephen. His father Jack Jameson (real name Roger Price) seemingly abandoned the family when Stephen was eight years old.

In the pilot episode, it is revealed that Stephen inherited paranormal powers from Roger. It is not known if Luca has likewise inherited any powers himself.

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

101. "Pilot"
102. "In Too Deep"
104. "Kill or Be Killed"
Asks Jedikiah Price about his name.
107. "Limbo"
Present at the house party thrown by Stephen.