Mark Pellegrino
Pellegrino at the 2013 Summer TCA Party. (Source:
Nationality American
Born 9 April 1965
Los Angeles, California, USA
Years Active 1987-present[1]

Mark Pellegrino plays Jedikiah Price in The Tomorrow People U.S. TV Series. He has appeared in a number of other science-fiction television shows, including Lost, Being Human (SyFy), and Revolution.[1]

In an interview with, Pellegrino said, of playing the villain: "I do like that, and villains nowadays are so complicated that it’s difficult to tell whether they’re villains or not sometimes." When asked what he is most excited for people to see about The Tomorrow People, he replied: "What I really love about this show is its intricacy and complexity of character. It mixes some very serious themes with kids coming into themselves and alienation and family loyalties and jealousies and love -- it mixes all these themes together with humor, which I love."[2]

When Digital Spy asked if Pellegrino enjoyed acting in genre shows, he replied: "I do like sci-fi and I do like horror - those are my favorite genres. Good horror though, not like slasher horror... psychological horror like The Shining." He also said that he had attended Comic-Con, finding the event "really fun", and that he enjoyed meeting fans "who know quite a bit more about the show than you."[3]

Media Edit

A video interview in which Pellegrino talks about his character.
The Tomorrow People - Mark Pellegrino Interview

The Tomorrow People - Mark Pellegrino Interview


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