Phil Klemmer wrote the Pilot episode of The Tomorrow People U.S. TV Series.

In a Los Angeles Times interview, Klemmer said that he hadn't seen the Original Series, but watched all the episodes before writing the pilot. On updating the show for a modern audience, he said: "I wanted to imbue the series with contemporary issues. The first toehold I got was, imagine a kid 'breaking out.' And your kid discovering he has paranormal powers, how that could be confused with mental illness or some sort of emotional or psychiatric trauma. [...] These things that you thought made you a freak, actually make you powerful."[1]

When the Hollywood Reporter asked Klemmer what he hoped the audience would get out of the show, he replied: "I hope people are engaged on two levels. I hope it's exciting and action-packed. It's science fiction that I don't think you get to see on TV, or certainly not on network television. What I like about it is that it is something you can enjoy as hardcore sci-fi and an emotionally raw, honest coming-of-age story."[2]

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