Piper Nichols
Species Homo superior
Series U.S. TV Series
First Appearance "Sorry For Your Loss"
Portrayed by Aeriél Miranda

Piper Nichols is a character in The Tomorrow People U.S. TV Series.

Personal Life Edit

Piper lived in Bethesda, Maryland with her parents and older sister Darcy, who left home at 17 years of age. After breaking out, she traveled to New York City, feeling as if she was drawn there.

Appearances Edit

106. "Sorry For Your Loss" Edit

Piper encountered Russell and Stephen at a bar, and attempted to hustle Russell at pool. Upon realizing she was a Tomorrow Person, they chased her, but she got away. Later, Stephen and Cara helped her escape from an Ultra field team and brought her to the sanctuary. When Stephen discovered that Piper was the sister of Darcy, he arranged for them to meet. Darcy had planned to turn her over to Ultra, but changed her mind and sacrificed her life to ensure that Piper escaped.