Roger Price
Species Homo superior
Series U.S. TV Series
First Appearance "Pilot"
Portrayed by Jeffrey Pierce

This article is about the character from the U.S. TV Series. For the creator of the Original Series, see Roger Damon Price.

Roger Price is a character in The Tomorrow People U.S. TV Series. He is played by Jeffrey Pierce.

Characterization Edit

Personal Life Edit

Roger is the brother of Jedikiah Price. While Roger was born with paranormal abilities, Jedikiah was not. Later in life, the two had a falling out, with Roger apparently being killed shortly thereafter.

Roger has a wife named Marla and two sons, Stephen and Luca. When Stephen was eight years old, Roger seemingly abandoned the family. But in a recorded message, Roger revealed that he did so in order to try to allow Stephen to have a normal life.

After leaving Ultra, Roger changed the family name from Price to Jameson, and changed his first name to Jack. He moved the family around several times before settling in New York City.[1]

Professional Life Edit

In 1994, Jedikiah introduced Roger to Aldus Crick, a scientist at Princeton University. The three of them conducted dangerous experiments and research into the nature of Tomorrow People, and eventually founded Ultra.

Death Edit

At some point, Roger went "rogue" (according to Jedikiah), and set out to destroy Ultra. After blowing up one of the labs, Jedikiah assigned John to assassinate him. Roger escaped death from a car bomb, but was then shot down by John. With his dying breath, Roger made John promise to protect other Tomorrow People, and to find his son.

Powers Edit

In addition to the powers common to all Homo superior, Roger had the ability to stop time.

John said that Roger was the strongest of the Tomorrow People, and that Stephen inherited his powers. In the pilot episode, Stephen was shown to be able to escape from a teleport-proof room, and to have the power to stop time. This would indicate that Roger's abilities were formidable indeed, if Stephen inherited even a fraction of them.[2]

In "Thanatos", Crick hypothesized that by stopping time while teleporting, in the interval between disappearing and re-appearing, Roger would "arrive in a time out of time", which they termed limbo. This proved to be impossible, even for Roger.

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

101. "Pilot"
Appears in a video message to Stephen, and also in security camera footage which shows him getting into a car, which then explodes.
102. "In Too Deep"
Stephen reads a memory from his mother of the night that Roger left the family.
107. "Limbo"
Appears in a vision to Stephen, and gives him the message "Thanatos".
108. "Thanatos"
A flashback shows that John was the one who killed Roger.
109. Death's Door"
Appears with Aldus Crick in a video documenting the Thanatos Project.

References Edit

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