Secret Weapon
Masters and Cawston
Episode Information
Series Original Series
Season # 3
Episode # 1
Number of Parts 4
Original Airdate(s) 26th Feb. - 19th March 1975
Writer(s) Roger Price
Director Stan Woodward
Previous The Doomsday Men
Next Worlds Away

Secret Weapon is the first episode of Season 3 of The Tomorrow People Original Series.

An experimental weapons research establishment abducts new Tomorrow Person Tyso Boswell, and it is revealed that Earth's governments are engaged in a covert psionic arms race that involves the exploitation of telepaths.

Plot Summary Edit

Part 1: Found and Lost (26 February 1975)

Professor Cawston discovers Tyso as he begins to break out.

Part 2: Not Quite a Sleeping Beauty (5 March 1975)

Stephen tries to rescue Tyso from the Experimental Weapons Establishment, but is captured.

Part 3: Whose Side Are You on Professor? (12 March 1975 )

John and Elizabeth mount a rescue attempt, but fail.

Part 4: A Present from Russia (19 March 1975 )

John and Chris persuade the British Prime Minister to release the Tomorrow People being held at the Establishment. Tyso is taken back to The Lab.

Guest Cast Edit

  • Chris Harding - Christopher Chittell
  • Professor Cawston - Brian Stanion
  • Patricia Conway - Ann Curthoys
  • Col. Masters - Trevor Bannister
  • Prime Minister - Hugh Morton
  • Evergreen Boswell - Denise Cook
  • Mrs. Boswell - Joanna Tope
  • Father O'Connor - Frank Gatliff