Stemming the Tide
Episode Information
Series Audio Series
Season # 5
Episode # 4
Duration 69' 54"
Released January 2007
Writer(s) Helen Goldwyn
Director Nigel Fairs
Music Nigel Fairs
Previous "Spiritus Mundi"
Next "End of Silence"

"Stemming the Tide" is the fourth episode of season five of The Tomorrow People Audio Series.

Synopsis Edit

Robert's much-needed break on the Shetland Isles is cut short by an environmental disaster, swiftly followed by the discovery of three horrific deaths. With the local detective determined to keep the killings quiet, a clan of islanders who seem to be arming themselves for war and sightings of a mysterious blue light on the water, the TPs have to sort out the myths from reality before someone else is brutally murdered.[1]

Cast Edit

  • Nicholas Young (John)
  • Helen Goldwyn (Elena)
  • Stuart Piper (Robert)
  • Trevor Littledale (TIM)
  • Lewis Rae (Callum)
  • Fiona Bruce (Innes)
  • Michael Wilson (Buchanan)

References Edit

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