Stephen Jameson
Species Homo superior
Series Original Series
First Appearance "The Slaves of Jedikiah"
Last Appearance "Into the Unknown"
Portrayed by Peter Vaughan-Clarke

This article is about the character from the Original Series. You may be looking for the character of the same name from the U.S. TV Series.

Stephen Jameson is a character in The Tomorrow People Original Series. The first episode of the series deals with his breakout and introduction to the other Tomorrow People.

Characterization Edit

Personal LifeEdit

Prior to his breakout, Stephen lived in London with his mother. It was revealed by TIM in The Doomsday Men that he was also a school fencing champion.


Stephen has the powers common to all Homo superior. In addition, he has the ability to heal others, as seen in "A Man for Emily" when he healed a man's gunshot wound.

Appearances Edit

"The Slaves of Jedikiah" Edit

At age 14, Stephen breaks out, but is kidnapped by biker thugs Ginge and Lefty, who are employed by Jedikiah. John, Carol, and Kenny rescue Stephen and make him a member of the group.

Notes Edit

The character was dropped from the series with no on-screen explanation.