Telepathy is the ability of Homo superior to read the mind of another, or to communicate without verbal or visual interaction.

When a new Tomorrow Person is in the process of breaking out, they can be contacted through telepathy. Sometimes their thoughts are "broadcast", as in "One Law" (OS) when Mike Bell's telepathic laughter was heard, or in "Castle of Fear" (OS) when the others experienced Andrew Forbes's "visual telepathic signals".

A person's memories can also be read by telepathy. In "The Slaves of Jedikiah" (OS), Stephen Jameson's lost memories of being controlled by Jedikiah were recovered by using the link table. In the episode "In Too Deep" (US), Stephen Jameson read his mother's memory of the night his father left. Senior Ultra telepath Darcy Nichols later tried to read Stephen's mind to determine if he was in contact with the Tomorrow People.

In the U.S. TV Series, the secure area of the Ultra headquarters building is constructed of a material that deflects telepathy. John Young possessed a d-chip that was made of the same material.