The Slarvian Menace
Episode Information
Series Audio Series
Season # 3
Episode # 1
Number of Discs 1
Writer(s) Mark Wright
Director Nigel Fairs
Previous "Alone"
Next "The Warlock's Dance"

The Slarvian Menace is the first episode of season three of the Audio Series.

Synopsis Edit

There's a new mobile phone on the market that all the cool kids want. It's sleek, sophisticated and making a killing for the mysterious Galactic Communications. But why are people disappearing for hours on end after using the phone and why can they never remember where they've been? And why does one of Paul's college friends appear to be involved?

John, Elena and Paul decide to investigate the headquarters of Galactic Communications. ­What horrors will they discover lurking within the factory and who is the company really working for? Will the Tomorrow People solve the mystery in time, or will mankind awake to the terror of the Slarvian menace?