In the U.S. TV Series, Ultra is a paramilitary group of scientists dedicated to hunting down the Tomorrow People. Led by Jedikiah Price, the group "sees the Tomorrow People as a very real existential threat from a rival species".[1]

Although Ultra's public face is that of a biomedical research facility[2], it secretly monitors the various communcations networks for news and incidents that can lead them to new breakouts.

Origin Edit

Ultra had its roots in a meeting between Jedikiah, Roger Price, and Aldus Crick at Princeton University in 1994. According to Crick, the organization's goal was "to gather and protect the new species", and someday to reveal the Tomorrow People as "a great benefit to mankind." But due to Jedikiah's lack of psychic powers, he became jealous of Roger, and was easily influenced by other people, such as the man known as The Founder.

Location Edit

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Ultra headquarters

The headquarters of the Ultra organization is the Withers Medical Center in New York City. The building's construction is such that the powers of the Tomorrow People do not function above the lobby; the corridors have d-chips embedded at regular intervals in the ceiling. The building also contains a special interrogation room whose walls prevent Tomorrow People from teleporting in or out.

Personnel Edit

Dr. Jedikiah Price is the head of the organization. Field agents are Tomorrow People who have been captured and coerced into hunting down their own kind. Homo sapiens are used in Alpha Unit "kill squads", since Homo superior agents are unable to kill due to the Prime Barrier.

In the pilot episode, Stephen Jameson agrees to work for Ultra.

In "Thanatos", The Founder takes charge when Jedikiah is inadvertently kidnapped.

Research Edit

One of Ultra's notable reasearch efforts was the Annex Project, designed to weaponize Ultra field agents by removing their Prime Barrier.[2]

References Edit

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